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I'm Jeff Walker. I believe in creating beautiful code to solve real problems. I've always dreamed of creating a successful software small business. When I was in high school, I teamed up with a friend to create several small software products. In the 10+ years I've been a professional software developer, I've always been thinking and planning what I might do with the help of my friend and three time co-worker Craig McKeachie. Now, I'm hoping to really get going and share my insights on software craftsmanship and entrepreneurship on this blog.

Jeff Walker

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I'm the creator of RangerMask, a flexible input masking library for the web. I've made minor contributions to to open source projects such as FluentMigrator. In my professional career I've focused on .NET web applications. That has given me the opportunity to be part of teams creating large scale web applications with complex business logic.

To unwind, I play a lot of volleyball and read. Mostly, I read non-fiction. I'm always looking for the next book that will change how I view the world and live my life. I also like to watch "The Big Bang Theory" and most kinds of movies.