Adamantworks.Amazon.DynamoDB Beta

The Adamantworks DynamoDB alternative API. Provides an API for DynamoDB in .NET that follows .NET conventions and provides higher level abstractions.

VSON (Very Simple Object Notation)

VSON is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is a successor and superset of the popular JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format. VSON improves on human readability and writablity, date and time support, Unicode handling and data portability.

RangerMask v0.9.5

A flexible input masking library built on jQuery.


Comparison of an Algorithm in Rust, C# and C++

This project implements the DFA minimization algorithm described in "Fast brief practical DFA minimization" by Valmari (2011) in Rust, C# and C++ in order to evaluate Rust as compared to the other languages.