Adamant Language Blog

The Adamant programming language blog where I post on topics relevant to Adamant and programming language creation.

Adamant Programming Language

Adamant will be a general-purpose language with high performance, deterministic safe resource management, and guaranteed thread safety.


The Adamantworks DynamoDB alternative API. Provides an API for DynamoDB in .NET that follows .NET conventions and provides higher-level abstractions.

VSON (Very Simple Object Notation)

VSON is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is a successor and superset of the popular JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format. VSON improves on human readability and writablity, date and time support, Unicode handling and data portability.

RangerMask v0.9.5

A flexible input masking library built on jQuery.


Comparison of an Algorithm in Rust, C# and C++

This project implements the DFA minimization algorithm described in “Fast brief practical DFA minimization” by Valmari (2011) in Rust and C# in order to evaluate Rust as compared to C# and C++.